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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 10, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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and when americans thaerd they said paychecks? what paychecks? what? what are you talking about? what paychecks? >> and let's hope that one changes. that is your last call. we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. make sure you follow us on twitter right now. and the o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. wkend. o'reilly is out. he started early. forgive him. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> this is by many accounts the largest security breach in american history. >> our foreign policy and our country is stronger than one guy with one web site. >> while america is under attack from -- >> cyber terrorists. >> some wonder if the obama administration is treating the threat seriously enough. >> i'm not recommending for
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every future president they take a shalacking like i did last night. i'm sure there's easier ways to learn these lessons. >> and president obama brings bill clinton to the white house after getting pounded at the polls in november. >> ♪ together again gee it's good to be together again ♪ >> this is so much fun. i can't tell you. >> and then o'reilly, letterman. >> blow hard! >> together again. >> 70% of the american people agree with me. according to all the polls. >> that's a lie! >> we have the highlights. >> the statute of limitations have run out on the bush administration being blamed, ok. that's gone. >> says who? >> me. laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill
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o'reilly who spent the day visiting wounded veterans and soldiers at walter reed medical center. he's going to join us momentarily to tell us about it. and thanks for watching us tonight. the brewing conservative discontent over the obama g.o.p. tax deal. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. when we first heard word that president obama had caved on extending the bush tax cuts, conservatives and tea party supporters were excited, right? looked all good. senator mitch mcconnell and congressman john boehner had forced the president's hand, we thought. but now, upon closer review, it seems like we may have been sold a pig in a poke. in the midterm elections, republicans campaigned and won on restoring fiscal restraint to the budget process. yet, it turns out we have a deal that extends the unemployment benefits for 13 additional months which adds $56 billion to the deficit. also, today, we learned that the tax deal is being larded up with
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all the special interest tax break stuff that were part of the original 2008 tarp bill. check this out. mine rescue team training credits indian employment tax credit, railroad track maintenance tax credit, and my personal favorite, the american samoa economic development tax credit. is this what we all voted for on november 2nd? i forgot ethanol. that's another one. senator jim demint is right. if republicans don't include spending cuts in this bill, they could risk losing credibility that they've worked so desperately to restore on this issue and the white house has already signalled that president obama is going to reinvent himself as a tax reformer. with tax simplification measures offered in the new year. and today, he got advice from the original triangulator-in-chief, bill clinton. >> given the fact that he presided over as good an economy as we've seen in our lifetimes,
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that it might be useful for him to share some of his thoughts. >> i still spend about an hour a day trying to study this economy and i'm not running for anything and i don't have a political agenda. i tried to figure out what to do. >> let's hope they figure it out soon. meantime, g.o.p. leaders need to show this deal is only the first step on the road to restoring america's economic might. and then they have to quickly begin unveiling serious incredible ideas about how they're going to shrink the size and scope of the federal government. otherwise, obama will box them into minority status again and that's the memo. more on this later in the program but first, our top story. as we've been reporting this week, cyber terrorists have been attacking the web sites of visa, mastercard and sarah palin in retaliation for the arrest of julian assange, the founder of wikileaks which published stolen documents from the u.s. government that have put american troops in danger. but is the administration taking the threat seriously enough? listen to what white house press secretary robert gibbs said about mr. assange.
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>> our foreign policy and our country is stronger than one guy with one web site. and we should never be afraid of one guy who plopped down $35 and bought a web address. our foreign policy is stronger than that. we're a stronger country than that. >> but it's -- >> we're not scared of one guy with one keyboard and a laptop. >> no big deal. joining us now from new york is bret solomon, a spokesman with the group "get up" a far left group from australia and here in washington, colonel ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst and author of the book, analyst war. now, ralph, let's start with you. to hear gibbs and hillary clinton earlier in the week, joking that, well, you should see what these foreign people say about me, i mean, is this just the administration trying not to make more of it because they know how damaging it is? or does this send a bad kind of cavalier tone to the rest of the world? >> well, both. first of all, the administration is desperate because this is a catastrophic compromise. it's the worst breach of
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american security since the 1940's when american communists gave the soviets atomic bomb secrets. now, if -- and the administration sort of has to do that but it's not bad the way wikileaks wanted it to be bad. if you read the documents, there are no revelations of american atrocities. there are no revelations of dark american plots, take the formula, formula from the world's babies. very quickly, it's two fold. first of all, the volume of debt, size matters. it gives our enemies terrorist world regimes an incredible blueprint of how our diplomacy in our military worked and second, and wikileaks ignores this is if by naming identities, locations, it compromises the identities of aid workers, human rights workers, journalists. dissidents who will be captured, tortured assassinated, raped and wikileaks is responsible. >> bret, let's go to you.
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you, i would imagine, disagree with what ralph just said. you -- do you define julian assange as kind of a modern day cyber hero? >> i wouldn't say modern day cyber hero but certainly, he's a very strong and powerful add voe catt -- advocate for the right for the freedom of speech. we're seeing this in the u.s. constitution and the u.s. declaration of human rights to the basis of the democracies in which australians and americans, you know, operate and from our perspective, i think it's important to assure this person is not actually demonized and you'll see in the get up ad which is in "the new york times" next week that australians are basically saying that we don't want to see our citizens being persecuted and being, you know, essentially demonized, called a terrorist, we want our australian citizens to be treated with the same kind of respect as our citizens in
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australia. >> that's the biggest sense of bull since bill clinton said i did not have sex with this woman. >> you don't believe in the rule of law? >> i do believe in the rule of law. >> what you have said and many others have said is that he should be assassinated. >> i didn't interrupt you, buddy. how about letting me speak? >> i'm sorry. >> here's a fundamental problem. julian assange is a cyber terrorist, he's guilty of espionage, crimes against humanity. he should be killed. but we won't do that. absolutely. he's a wartime opponent. he's an enemy -- >> let me ask you a question. a very simple question. do you think that what mr. assange is doing is actually helping his cause which, i guess according to his own words, the word that i've read, it's kind of an anarchist cause, he wants to break down and stop a lot of these intracountry diplomatic dialogues because he thinks
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ultimately they suppress the poor and they oppress the poor so his goal is kind of shut down these back channel diplomatic conversations. is that really going to help human rights around the world? >> i think the transparency and accou accountability is absolutely fundamental. the space needs to be reduced. we've seen essentially and as glenn beck says that, you know, that assange is actually the man of the millennium. why? because it stops governments from lying to their people and so we've seen -- we've seen a whole lot of very, very important information which is -- >> what nobody is doing, they're making fun of mahmoud ahmadinejad as hitler. >> what you're hearing from him is baby talk. let me ask your other guest a question. you don't want diplomats to be able to keep secrets. you want total openness. >> i didn't actually say that. >> that means we can't free
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dissidents, can't free hostages. we can't get arms deals. no progress in the middle east. come on. be real. >> the real problem -- >> absolutely. i think that there should be classification but what we're seeing here. >> how do you explain assange? >> what we're seeing here is the problem is the treason lies within, in a sense. it's not assange. assange or "the new york times" or the guardian, they are broadcasters of leaks that happened within the u.s. military. and there is a system, systemic problem here that angry low level private is able to access. >> that's for sure. you're right about that. >> thank you. >> one point, bret, who died and made julian assange the arbitor of what should be and what should not be released? i mean, you want to keep the governments and make them less powerful or less able to subvert and oppress people, i guess, but i mean, one could argue that whoever decides to release all these documents. i just think it's irresponsible and doesn't help your cause.
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it gets people against you. that's the problem. >> i agree with you. i think we're in a whole new era and it's very unclear as to who has control, who has the ability to relate but essentially, i think the key point you see that we have fundamental rights, that are enshrined in the u.s. constitution and we -- >> u.s. constitution. i mean, this is what i would suggest with all due respect, master your own constitution. we'll take care of ours. i appreciate it. >> laura, we need to kill the guy! >> all right, ralph peter ends it on a exclamation point. thanks, guys. o'reilly spent the day with wounded warriors down at walter reed. he'll be here to tell us about it. we'll also get the lowdown in his appearance on david letterman's show last night and then president obama calls him bill clinton for a big meeting today. is clinton still speaking? that's my question. is this smart politics or a sign of utter desperation coming up? ♪
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, the cost of war. keeping america safe from terrorists come at a huge price for so many americans. more than 40,000 american troops who served in iraq and afghanistan have been wounded in battle. and of those, more than 1100 have endured amputations. today, bill o'reilly visited with some of these american heroes at the walter reed medical center and bill now
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joins us by phone from washington. mr. o'reilly, i'm glad you were there today. i've had the great privilege of doing the same thing and it's hard to do but it's so uplifting and i'd love to hear your thoughts about what you saw. >> all right. well, you know, it's emotional. it's emotional to go there and see the young men and women whose lives have been altered forever. that's number one. while you're there, you have to keep their spirits up. geraldo, colonel hunt and i today went and visited the most severely marines and soldiers, the biggest thing is you're not forgotten. that we remember and we're gonna remember because these injured military people are going have to be coming up for the rest of
11:16 pm
our lives much one special forces guy lost two legs and an arm. and another was completely blind. and their spirits are -- are terrific. now, i'm sure that the walter reed people selected strong individuals for us to see. but, you know, to talk to them and to hear how they got injured what their sacrifices have been, it's been humbling. it really is. it puts your own problems away. fox news and the military love colonel hunt and geraldo. they talked to sergeant lemmon who lost his arm and i actually talked to his father, frank, in anchorage, alaska on the phone. we're not going to forget them. and explains why i would to talk
11:17 pm
to you and the factor audience tonight, i can't thank everybody enough for supporting the wounded warriors on bill o' by buying stuff in the christmas store and so we're able to give an enormous amount of money, not only to wounded warriors but operation shoe box and other charities. dennis miller's charity, that we have extended care for our military because the government can only do so much. and private concerns have to do a lot so i applaud everybody who has helped us out in the bill o' christmas store, buy stuff. all the money i get goes to charity and, you know, we were able to do a lot of good. about $400,000 this month alone. a lot of that is going to the military charities. >> bill, i have gotten a present from you and this is an early christmas present from bill o'reilly. but i got my american patriots fleece jacket and for that, bill, i'm sending -- i'm sending
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walter reed folks over at fisher house a great contribution from our show and our radio show but i want to applaud everything you have done through your web site. it's been incredible. i've talked to the guys at walter reed and at bethesda naval and they so much appreciate it and i think it's just -- it's a wonderful thing that you did this christmas. i want to thank you for that. >> you're welcome. we sent you -- it's very cold here in washington today, laura. so we figured miss laura might be a little chilly. we sent her over the american patriots fleece and i'm sure you look great in it. and by the way, fisher house, that you mentioned, we gave them $10,000 just yesterday. because this, again, is extended care, not only for the wounded warriors but for their families. they're from all over the country and they have to come to walter reed and they have to stay here. we met so many little children today, you know, it's heartbreaking. >> but it's great. you know, they have pride and -- >> absolutely.
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>> laura: they love the connection with the people. not all of us have personal military connections. they love the fact that we are with them and we support them 100%. now, i have to ask you, bill, what happened last night on letterman? ok, i only got to seat video clips but it seems like there's new love, right? >> i don't know if i'd -- i don't know, he called me a blow hard and i don't think there's any love between dave and i. i mean, i go on the program, obviously, to plug pinheads and patriots which i think is a worthy endeavor and, you know, he did that. i was on for a long time. three segments. and i think we got our points across. and the audience seemed to respond to them. it's always a challenge. but nobody walked off the set so that's a plus. >> laura: i was gonna say. that would have been the highlight. if he walked off and you got to take it over with schaefer and the band. i would have loved to have seen that. hey, o'reilly. thanks for what you did today. >> bye, laura.
11:20 pm
>> laura: have a great weekend. you take care. >> thank you. >> laura: we'll be playing the highlights of bill's appearance on letterman later in the program. first, president obama calls in president clinton for a sitdown at the white house. is mr. obama desperate for help after the democrats' november shalacking and then oscar-winning actor kevin spacey talks hollywood and politics with o'reilly. that should be interesting. right back with us. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them?
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>> laura: in the follow-up secti segment tonight, president obama's sitdown with former president bill clinton today. he was kind of dismisssive of the way that mr. clinton handled some things while he was in office but now that obama's party took a beating in the last election, he's eager suddenly for some advice from the former
11:24 pm
president who took a beating in the 1994 election but still managed to move re-election two years later by moving a little bit to the right. after today's meeting, president obama -- president clinton expressed his support for president obama's tax plan. >> the agreement taken as a whole is, i believe, the best bipartisan agreement we can reach to help the largest number of americans and to maximize the chances that the economic recovery will accelerate and create more jobs and to minimize the chances that it will slip back. >> but the president's far left allies don't like this bill at all. here's what socialist center bernie sanders said on the senate floor today. >> so these crybabies, these multimillionaires and billionaires are making out like bandits. they are crying and crying and crying but they're effective tax
11:25 pm
rates for the top 400 income earners in america was cut almost in half from 1992 to 2007. the point that needs to be made is that when is enough enough? >> joining us is the publisher of catalina magazine and joins us from new york and here in washington, senior advisor to ndn, a left leaning think tank. great to see you. let's start with you, alicia. i'm watching this as a political analyst. i'm not looking it as a conservative when i first saw bill clinton up at that podium today. first of all, it seems to me a little sad for president obama that he has to bring in a former president to kind of get him out of a jam. didn't that seem to you a little odd since bill clinton, i think he's still speaking at the podium. >> he's loving it right now.
11:26 pm
>> laura: big hook to get up. >> i got to go see my wife. >> laura: matter of optics. it looks like the president needed a life line? >> i see your point but i actually thought it looked like the president was willing to share the stage. >> share the stage. >> president obama is willing to share it and i think he's recognizing that he is going to need some help selling this but i think ultimately he did the right thing. >> laura: in over his head, that's what i say. the president looks like he can't get russia to do what he wants to do. we can't shut down this wikileaks guy and we can't get bernie sanders and barbara boxer and chuck schumer to come into line on this. we can't sell this deal. we got to bring in the old pro, bill clinton. i mean, come on, what happened to parting the waters and being the messiah for all of us? >> he is a pro. what's so wrong with pulling in one of the most successful presidents of our time who is the great negotiator next to what many people would believe was ronald reagan was a great
11:27 pm
negotiatesor but i think that bill clinton was a great negotiator and he knew how to be the great triangulator. he brought both sides together. he knew how to do it right. he did it successfully. more successful than president bush ever did. how is it a desperate move to pull in bill clinton? >> laura: this is what it remind me of. i have two little kids. i have simple terms. it reminded me of the kid that got picked on in school. instead of learning how to fight back, mom, dad, can you help me? johnny is picking on me. johnny is a member of the democratic leadership and republican conservatives are upset. >> we're staying with this analogy. i think that it's more of the child coming home and saying, i'm in a real situation. i bet you've been here before, mom, can you tell me what to do? no, i'm staying with your premise here but i do think that it is home looking to someone who has been in a very similar situation before and actually got slammed for his triangulation, trying to figure out how he can be a compromiser
11:28 pm
without needing to, you know, push away his base. >> let's talk specifics here. this bill is now being filibustered. you heard the clip by bernie sanders. bernie sanders is out there. i checked, there was a couple of appearances today by mary landru and sharrod brown. they went in to help bernie out. he didn't get any help from all the other democrats. we have 57 democrats. where are all these democrats supporting for bernie here? >> because they realize that, i mean, bernie is making a point for the far left but they realize it's a great bill. i mean, what obama did, he negotiated a great bill. i think he got 80% of what he wanted. he didn't get that 20% and i think bernie is trying to get that extra 20%. >> laura: it's a great bill? why did the house democratic caucus reject it? >> because i think they were trying to stand on principle. listen, their job is to represent their constituents in their district. and i think they were doing that. autoite the house democratic caucus. >> yes, but there's a very progressive wing of the democratic caucus where i think barack obama's job is to bring them together. bottom line is this is going to
11:29 pm
pass through the senate and you're going to see the democrats got a huge victory here because they were able to stand up for middle class families and it made it very clear that republicans don't give a damn about the deficit even though they talk about it until the cows come home. >> i think that will be the strategy without a doubt for president obama and i think that's smart for him. he's going to say look, i did my best. these republicans forced my hand. i wanted to have no tax cuts for the wealthy and they jammed this thing through. and -- but at this point, is this kind of a p.r. stunt? because president obama doesn't like the fact that he has to do this, right? doesn't like this at all. >> i don't think it's a p.r. stunt. i think it's fantastic governing. i think it's understanding the realities of what's going on. >> call your office, you know who you are. extreme left? >> the rhetorical reason to call him on that. they're not in washington. >> extreme left? >> chuck schumer wanted a different deal and wanted to extend the -- >> neancy pelosi represents a
11:30 pm
very progressive wing of the democratic party. >> you're all triangulating on me. you have to help me out. i feel the triangulation here. remember maybe six months ago, you guys. a lot of people are saying that the tea party was going to rip apart the republican party. remember? it was too radical and it was this radical people and the republicans were going to suffer, isn't it interesting, though, six months later we see november 2nd, decimation in the house of renttives for democrats. and now, there are all these people on the left saying how can we get our own tea party going? >> i don't think so. what i'm intrigued by is i think the tea party is very interesting movement. >> where are they? they were -- where are they right now? because i think this -- exactly, this is a key moment for them to hold republican leaders accountable for the fact that they support measures that are going to increase the deficit. >> talking points memo, you missed it. how about fact that clarence jones who is a speechwriter for martin luther king jr. and advisor, he is quoted and he wrote a piece this past week in
11:31 pm
the huffingpost saying it could be time for a challenge from the left. >> african-american saying obama is in over his head. but he's, you know, it might be time to say, uh-uh, this isn't the best choice. >> i'm not a betting woman but i would bet a lot that will never happen. >> russ feingold or barack obama? i don't see it either. it's an interesting debate. ladies, great to see you. thank you so much. and plenty more ahead as the factor moves ahead this evening. defiant imam behind the ground zero mosque and community center wants to expand and build more mosques in more cities around america and around the world, apparently. we've got all the details and then bill o'reilly takes on david letterman? on dave's turf. here's a sample. >> i mean, you wouldn't walk off your own show, would you? >> no, but i'd walk off yours. >> we hope you stay tuned for those reports. wi the capital one venture card
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>> laura: in the end result problems segment tonight, the imam of the controversial ground zero mosque may want to build a mosque in a neighborhood near you. despite overwhelming opposition to his scheme for ground zero, he not only remains committed to building there but talking about doing the same thing in cities across america. with us now is my old friend, the author of the fantastic new book "the coming revolution, struggle for freedom in the middle east." i have my copy right here. how are you? good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> laura: this book is full of history, current news, history and analysis of what's happening. dire situation in the middle east. but let's talk for a minute about this imam. moving from ground zero, wildly popular. applying for 9/11 funds, the developer there and now moving his project nationally. what's going on here? >> first of all, if the approach of ground zero is still the same, it's going to mutate
11:36 pm
and replicate all over and there are three options here for such an initiative. to build an islamic tower. very close to a -- the area where thousands of people were killed by a movement claiming a jihady ideology. you have three options. number one, you say america public won't accept it. two, you ignore it. we won't be talking about it. that's also not acceptable. number 3, you want to come and say i'm building this in the same way when you build a holocaust memorial, you say you explain what the enemy is. is he going to do? i don't think so. >> i actually in a way don't blame him because he's muslim and he has this particular view. and he's trying to talk about it. that's a big project. if it's a national and global project, that's a pretty big project, where's the money coming from? >> absolutely, the money issue is probably the most important especially if it's coming from the regime, the wikileaks last week said that most of the money
11:37 pm
for radicalization is coming from those places. >> saudi arabia. >> saudi arabia and the other emirates and the other oil producing regime so that's a big question out there now. >> let's talk about what you say in your book about what this administration is doing in the middle east. first of all, it seems to me they're in over their head on pretty much every major issue whether it's with russia, china, we can't even get the world cup to come to the united states at this point. on the one hand, in the book, i show that indeed the jihadists are on the rise in a variety of places, taliban, al-qaida, hezbollah but what we don't see in america and you know that very well is suppress the oppressed beginning with the christian communities of iraq. who have been oppressed just a few weeks ago. >> slaughtered and our state department has been woefully lack of response from the state department on that. that is one of the most disgusting and heinous acts of hate crimes that i've ever seen.
11:38 pm
>> the state department will call on this issue but also muslim communities do not go by what the jihadists are saying. for example, darfur. where is darfur? we don't hear about it. these are black muslim africans who are harassed and killed by the jihadists and we don't have an answer for that fortunately the kurds in northern iraq and women, students and the most important point, you know that, 1.5 million iranians, mostly women, cab drivers, were demonstrating in taiwan, what did we say to them? we said, we don't -- >> we saw with the wikileaks documents, the administration didn't know how to respond. they didn't understand what was happening in the streets of iran during that, you know, cyber -- realize on their texting, you know, tweet, twitter revolution, whatever they were calling it. very quickly, now we have this home grown terrorist issue with the baltimore military recruitment installation, the guy who was hoping to blow that up. we have the portland situation. all of these guys, you know, islamic, all of them saying they're jihadists and i don't
11:39 pm
know, we still can't seem to identify what the enemy is here. >> we still are under that memo which was issued in the beginning of this administration saying you cannot use words such as jihadism and they're using the words. >> exactly. exactly. and they said that in this case, they use the word jihad and they found him. >> muslims have helped support these guys, especially in portland. good muslim-americans have done great work on that. great to see you, as always. congrats on the book. i'll taking it home with me. up next, the liberal hollywood star kevin spacey stops by "the factor" to talk politics with o'reilly. that's a conversation you do not want to miss. it's an o'reilly vs. letterman rematch. >> 70% of the american people agree with me according to all the polls. >> that's -- >> that's a lie! >> stay tuned for those highlights. [ sneezes ] client's here. whoa! that achy cold needs alka-seltzer plus!
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11:43 pm
>> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly and in the personal stories segment tonight, actor kevin spacey dropped into the no spin zone earlier this week. he's starring as the super lobbyist in the film "casino jack" which opens on december 17th. you may recall that he pled guilty to federal corruption charges in 2006 and served 3 1/2 years of his six year sentence. but his conversation with bill didn't start there. >> you've been around for a while, very successful in the entertainment industry. i have never understood why actors, producers, directors are so liberal generally speaking much i've had actors come up to me in hollywood who aren't liberal and say, you know, i can't really tell people how i feel because i'm -- the late charleston heston said i used to be a liberal and i became a conservative and never got invited to another party.
11:44 pm
all right? my whole social contact list dried up and heston was huge. >> he was huge. >> but he paid a price in his mind for going over to the conservative side. you ever seen that? >> i have never heard of a situation because somebody had a particular political belief they didn't get a part. i think it's a bit of a myth. take it from an acting perspective. i think that when you put yourself as actors have to do in other people's shoes, when you have to put on the costume that someone else has worn in their life, i guess much, much harder to be prejudiced against them and to be -- to not try to look at the world in a sense of i'm not going to judge somebody. i'm going to try to understand who they are and what they're about. i think that acting is a very humanizing profession. >> so empathy is gained by your professional expertise in playing different characters. >> yeah, because i don't think it's sympathy.
11:45 pm
for example, i can't judge the characters i play because it's for the audience to do. what i can try to do is understand and embody what were they going through? how did they make the decisions they made? that to me is a more interesting way to approach something rather than saying this person is a villian and that person is this because it's not very interesting to play that anyway. >> ok, the subject that you play in this new movie, he's a sleazy guy or maybe he's in prison but he is a sleazy guy. when people go to the movie, what is the main thing they're going to take away from abrahamoff. >> we've trying to humanize somebody who was pretty dehumanized. they threw him under the bus in an effort to show they've cleaned up the lobby industry but i don't think he has. i think he was working in a culture that exists. he might have done it bigger and better and louder and made more money than anyone else but he's living in a culture that still exists. >> grateful for the wonderful gifts i've received here in america, the greatest country on
11:46 pm
this planet! >> what did he do that was so horrendous that made him worse than the others? >> well, i guess that's -- that's the question we try to pose in the movie. we try to, i think, show some of the hypocrisy that there is this culture that's going on. it hasn't been cleaned up and i think we've tried to approach this movie in such a way that we try to make it entertaining and i think it's sometimes like with the soundbite about the gore and bush election, there are circumstances where people make decisions or misjudgments or behavior in such ways that you just -- you cannot actually believe, you couldn't write this stuff because it's so outrageous. it's inherently funny and i think we've tried to make a film that's entertaining and makes this person a human being because he is a human being. you call him sleazy. but he was living in an environment in which a lot of people were doing very similar things. >> that's no excuse. you don't justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. >> i agree. >> he got his just deserve. he went to prison. >> yes, he did. >> he was undermining the
11:47 pm
system. he was sew litsing bribes. this is a bad man in my opinion. have you talked to him? >> yeah. before i started the film, i spent six hours with him in federal prison. >> he's a pretty charming guy. >> he's very charming. to read about him is one thing. i totally understood why he was as successful as he was. >> no doubt. they were all very slick. now, does he know, is he contrite, does he know that he did bad things. or was he saying everybody does it? >> i think, you know, he's going to speak for himself when he decides to come out and talk to this stuff. i definitely think he took responsibility for what he did. he knows he crossed the line. there was no question when i spoke to him that he understood he did things wrong. he didn't think he was going to go to jail but he did knew he did something wrong. >> martha stewart, you know, you do this stuff. people say the justice system in the united states is skewed against the poor and for the rich. there's some truth to that. but, you know, he got caught. he did it.
11:48 pm
he paid the price. >> that's right. >> and in the movie at the end, how does -- how am i the audience because i haven't seen the film yet going to think about him? am i going to hate him? >> i think maybe even against your better instincts which is to hate him, you might suddenly start to see there's more to him than he was painted out to be. >> you made him sympathetic. >> no, what you try to do is have empathy for somebody and try to understand what it must have been like in that situation. how are the decisions made. what was the culture like? i hope -- i played him as a fully rounded person and in the end, you might like him even against your better instinct. >> movie is "casino jack". thanks for coming in. >> when we come back, we'll play ñ?@p
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11:52 pm
>> laura: in the back of the book segment tonight, bill o'reilly, david letterman and their late night face-off. o'reilly visited letterman's show last night to promote his new book "pinheads and patriots." in case you missed it, here's what went down. >> you looked to me like you lost a little weight. >> working out. >> when you work out, what do you do? >> sit-ups and pushups. >> how many pushups can you do? >> i can do 50. i can do 50 pushups. i have to stay strong. i have to stay -- talk to me about the guy a month ago georgia, mississippi, missouri, wherever he was who was going to burn the copies of the qoran. >> that nut in florida? >> it was florida. this guy in florida is a loon, ok, but the wikileaks guy is no loon. this is a concerted effort to do damage to the united states. >> what -- speaking of doing damage, what the hell happened over there on "the view".
11:53 pm
what was going on? what was -- my god, bill. >> i was surprised as anyone. >> give me a call, please. you know. i go on there and i'm on there like i'm on here to sell a book. get a little bit of publicity for people who might not watch "the factor." >> what's "the factor"? >> extraordinarily popular show but not everybody watches it. >> you must know barbara walters. >> known her for a long time. i go on. i know joy behar doesn't like me and whoopi, depends on what day it is. we get to debating on the ground zero mosque and i say, you know, they go why do people object to it? because muslims killed us, that's why. it's not an appropriate spot. they go wild. you know what i was thinking when that happened, when they got up and walked out. i was thinking, this is great. this is terrific. i hope they all leave. then i'll take the whole show. i'll have 45 minutes of abc air time. i didn't think they should have
11:54 pm
walked off. i think you kind of got to dig in and fight for what you believe, right? i mean, you wouldn't walk off your own show, would you? >> no, but i'd walk off yours. >> i think mayor bloomberg has a different view than that. >> 70% of the american people agree with me. >> that's a lie! >> right now, everybody is scared, they don't know what's going to happen. companies aren't hiring. banks aren't lending. if they have some kind of consistency they know for two years this is the tax rates, that's going to loosen things up a little bit. that's the most important thing. >> the economy is -- hold your applause until he says something i can understand. auto if you don't mind, thank
11:55 pm
you. >> statute of limitations has run out on the bush administration being blamed, ok? that's gone. >> says who? >> me. and i think most people would agree. >> i don't think so. >> it's time for barack obama to stand on his own two feet. >> my god, he's come in. he's come into a house that's been condemned for eight years. and he's standing on his own two feet and he's saying, holy crap, the plumbing is gone. the fireplace doesn't work. there's rats in the attic. the garage is going to blow up. >> can i rebutt that? >> sure. if you think you can. >> all right. i'll try. >> new poll out today, 52% of americans say they're worse off now than they were when bush left office. >> well, but -- >> i mean, it's the same thing with bleeding -- it's the same thing with bleeding to death. it starts out as a cut. i got a little cut here, i've opened an artery.
11:56 pm
oh, look, it's a little cut. you come and see me six weeks from now, see how i'm doing. if it's not been bandaged. if the cut has not been bandaged. i'm going to bleed to death. you blow hard! >> this is so much fun. i can't tell you. >> laura: pinheads and patriots on deck. on deck. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorro in dals ♪ ♪ we need to finish tho projections ♪ ♪ then output the final presentations ♪ ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ wht's going on? when we're crunched for time, brad combines office celebrations with official business. it's about efficiency. [ courier ] we can help. wh you ship with fedex, you can work rht up until the lastinute. it gives you re time to get stuff done. that's a great idea. ♪ i need tspeak with you privately ♪ ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ everyone! ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who gives you more time.
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11:59 pm
and patriots. as you know, barbara walters interviewed oprah winfrey for a special last night. this nugget about sarah palin didn't make the show but it did make the internet. >> what if she ran for president. she was on the program with you, you were gracious and dignified. what if she ran for president, how would you feel? >> i wouldn't feel anything, because i think that would be her choice. >> do you think sarah palin is qualified to be president? >> i am not going to answer that question. that's good but i'm not going to answer. >> okay, not answering. >> i'm not anding. >> laura: is oprah a pinhead for dodging that question or a patriot for deftl handling the situation? >> last night we told you about charlie crist pardoning jim morrison.


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